In his book I Am John Galt, Donald Luskin argues that Nobel-winning economist and op-ed writer Paul Krugman is the perfect living embodiment of Ellsworth Toohey. The Fountainhead's hero Howard Roark famously said to Toohey, “But I don't think of you.” Roark's strategy was to ignore Toohey--life's too short. Luskin's strategy with Krugman was to engage him publicly, and the result was a smear campaign that nearly destroyed Luskin.

He will talk about what happens when libertarians and Objectivists dare to go public with their views, and take on the powers that be. The personal risks are enormous, and it partly explains why libertarian and Objectivist ideas are discussed so little in public forums. It also explains why only idiots end up running for public office.

Donald Luskin
is the Chief Investment Officer of Trend Macrolytics. Prior to founding Trend Macrolytics with David Gitlitz, Don was Vice Chairman and co-Chief Investment Officer of Barclays Global Investors.

He is an active social commentatory, appearing weekly on CNBC's “Kudlow Report.” Don's column is published weekly on he contributes frequently to National Review Online. He is the co-author, with Andrew Greta, of I am John Galt: Today's Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Parasites Destroying It.


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