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2015 Atlas Summit remembered

December 14, 2015 We're finalizing details now for our 2016 Atlas Summit! This short promotional video offers a... Read More

Objectivism in Substance Abuse Treatment

November 20, 2015 At the heart of Objectivism is the claim that this philosophy is more than a theory. This... Read More

Common Core: What are its roots?

November 13, 2015 The Common Core is being adopted in state after state: it is a de-facto national K-12 curriculum.... Read More

Understanding and Appreciating Art

November 09, 2015 Michelle Marder Kamhi’s new book Who Says That’s Art? presents a “commonsense view” of... Read More

Grace and courtesy for Objectivists

November 09, 2015 Many Objectivists fall into the trap of calling for tolerance while at the same time being... Read More

Are we in a golden age of television?

November 05, 2015 The best writing talent in Hollywood is now working for television. In a move that was unthinkable... Read More

Crushing Atlas: The Takedown of UnitedHealth's Bill McGuire

November 04, 2015 Dominating the Wall Street Journal’s backdated options reporting was its takedown of... Read More

Wealth Disparity in America

November 04, 2015 Wealth disparity in America is a growing concern and promises to be a highlight of the near-future... Read More

U.S. Hispanics and our Society, Economy, and Politics

November 04, 2015 America has a history of cultural diversity, but now the growth of the Hispanic population is... Read More
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