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What I call the “Not Our President Elite” (NOPE) believes that a frighteningly ignorant, bigoted, and distinctly inferior America—not the America of NOPE—elected Donald Trump. Defeated in the election, not only for President, but for control of Congress and statehouses nationwide, NOPE must save America by reversing the election. There is a precedent for it and NOPE remembers it. NOPE is an increasingly coordinated movement of news media, left-leaning groups, and legions of ideologues of today’s New (“Postmodernist”) Left that is pursuing two strategies for clawing back political power after the 2016 election. The strategies emerged from no “conspiracy”; in fact, they are classic means of “destabilizing” governments when an election’s losers refuse to accept the verdict. The first is to create a permanent sense of crisisby histrionically portraying every initiative of the Trump administration as warranting nationwide...
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Ayn Rand rocks. That’s the attitude of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, an autodidact who immigrated from Israel when he was 8, and who leaned on his own creative drive to become one of the most successful entertainers of his era. "You are responsible for yourself. I am a big believer in Ayn Rand's philosophies," Simmons, 67, told Private Wealth magazine. "When I first came to America, I used to go to the library every day after school. I couldn't believe that all of the knowledge of mankind was available to somebody who [was] not even from America," he said. "So if I had access to all the knowledge that the rich and the powerful have, why is it anybody else's responsibility for me to do well?" Just like Ayn Rand, who changed her birth name -- Alissa Rosenbaum -- after emigrating to America, Simmons started life as Chaim Weitz, born in Haifa, Israel. His mother was a Holocaust survivor. And after their arrival in the U.S., minus his father, the family struggled. But Simmons committed himself to education from...
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If you have a burning interest in morality, is it immoral to steal a book on it? Well that’s not exactly what Joanne Hall did. But she did borrow Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged from the San Francisco Public Library system 33 years ago, and let’s give her credit for finally returning it.  Lost from the stacks Joanne was featured in a San Francisco Chronicle story about an amnesty the library was granting for those holding some 55,000 library books -- adding up to a cool $4.5 million. The current daily fine for an overdue book is 10 cents. So for Ms. Hall that would have added up to (365 x 33 x .10) = $1204.5. Not including leap years or interest. Joanne was not planning to purloin the magnum opus of Ayn Rand, whose Objectivist philosophy emphasizes honesty and acquiring possessions by paying for them. We asked Joanne what happened and she explained: “Thinking back to that time in my life, it's pretty likely that one of my friends who...
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Originally published on Would Aristotle have Tweeted? Would Isaac Newton have been too busy being distracted by Facebook that he would not have written The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy? Would Ayn Rand have Snapchatted? In reading about historical figures it is easy to forget that they were once living, breathing beings. We can read and even watch the voluminous material about Ayn Rand’s life, but forget that she would have had restless nights just as we do. We can read her works and hear that she fled Soviet Russia in 1926. We may know of her as a stolid stoic, but undoubtedly, in leaving her homeland, her family, and her friends, she wept. The lives of those who came before us can be a guide to our own choices. We learn about staunch idealists like Ayn Rand and Winston Churchill and we become more idealistic ourselves. Atlas Snapped Ayn Rand was a revolutionary in many ways. Not merely in challenging two thousand years of entrenched morality, but in the way she lived her life. She may not have had Snapchat, but she had moving pictures. From today’s...
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Originally published on September 7th, 2010. This week we’ve celebrated the birthdays of two heroes, Ayn Rand (Feb. 2nd) and Ronald Reagan (Feb. 6).   But today marks the birthday of another world-changing leader in the annals of liberty, Joseph Schumpeter, born on February 8th, 1883. No one did more to create the popular imageof the heroic entrepreneur than the Moravia-born economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950), who was for many years aprofessor of economics at Harvard University. Best known for his book Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (1942), Schumpeter wrote that: “Capitalism, then, is by nature a form or method of economic change and not only never is but never can be stationary.  The fundamental impulse that sets and keeps the capitalist engine in motion comes from the new consumers’ goods, the new methods of production or transportation, the new markets, the new forms of industrial organization that capitalist enterprise creates.” This endless generation of new goods and services and methods means, at the same time, the continual elimination of old goods and services and methods. From these observations came Schumpeter’s most...


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