Saluting the philosopher who gave reason its foundational tool, Ayn Rand named the three sections of Atlas Shrugged after Aristotle’s axioms of logic. The second section, “Either-Or,” is the novel’s pivot point.
 In this archive article, investor Walter Donway looks at the anatomy of scapegoating and how speculators' actions are misunderstood by the public. On April 17, President Barrack Obama addressed Americans about rising prices of gasoline, now above $5.00 a gallon in parts of the country. In any market economy, the cause ofrising prices is that demand for a product has increased relative to the supply of it. 
One side effect of the 2008 financial crisis has been renewed attention to the ban on insider trading. This ban dates to 1934, when it was adopted in response to the Great Depression and the stock market crash of 1929; Congress and various Supreme Court decisions have strengthened the ban since.  In recent years the Securities and Exchange Commission has pursued several high-profile insider cases, such as that of Raj Rajaratnam, and Congress appears likely to ban “insider” trading by its own members.
Margin Call is the best film to come out of the recent financial crisis. This is no polemic masquerading as a “documentary” (Inside Job) or good vs. evil melodrama (Money Never Sleeps). It is serious film, with superb acting, script, direction and photography, which uses the financial crisis as the realistic backdrop for a timeless story.  And yet the film is fatally flawed.
On May 11, after the trial of Galleon hedge-fund founder Raj Rajaratnam (pictured below) had ended in a conviction on all counts, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Preet Bharara, came forth to give his understanding of it all. His statement is worth parsing, one element at a time.


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