AS Ayn Rand Revere
Listen, my children, and you shall learn
Of the personal liberty for which all people yearn,
Since the fourth of July, in Seventy-six;
It's been the core of our country's life and politics
Liberty is what people fight for 'til their very last breath
As Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death!”
Fighters for freedom have forever sought
Individual freedom which can be neither sold nor bought.
By word and by deed the ruling class has tried
To diminish the rights for which our forefathers died.
As far back as the Pharaoh who enslaved the Jews
Mankind has strived to live and die as we choose.


And just as America rebelled to be free of the crown
Paul Revere made a midnight ride of renown.
In order to warn all the good local people
He had his friend place a lantern atop the town steeple
One lantern if the British came by land and two if by sea
Then he'd know which towns to warn with his horse riding plea.
Two lanterns went up on high and in time he did see
So off went Revere on his horse like a sprite on a spree.
Revere rode his horse many miles deep into the night
Warning patriots to get up  to get ready to fight.
"The British are coming to keep us all down
Wake up, wake up and defend home and town!""
They rose in defiance against the redcoats
Who'd come in the thousands by sea and in boats.
In Concord the Minutemen all stood their ground
And Americans were tested...more courage they found.
At last they gave the redcoats a resounding defeat
And became a free country and made the king's men retreat.


Then our Founders Jefferson, Adams and Madison wrote
That each citizen was entitled to a voice and to vote.
But the rights and liberties were not for all yet secured
For to make a new Union libertarians demurred.
After many contentious and angry debates,
They allowed slavery to persist in the southern states.
So, the goal of full freedom for all was then suspended:
Universal rights for all was still a mountain to be ascended.
Frederick Douglass, like Moses to Pharaoh, said "Let my people go!"
In response the slave owners said emphatically, “No!”
This conflict broke out in a great Civil War
To abolish slavery and open the door
To free all people no matter their race
And spread personal freedom all over the place.
But the journey for freedom was still not complete
For universal rights people marched in the street.
Led by suffragette women who took up the cause
To broaden the franchise and update the laws
So all women could be as free as all males
Because when freedom is denied to some, then democracy fails.
Susan B. Anthony was a leader who ended this sin,
Winning the right to vote for women, not just men.
A few years later another woman made a bold philosophical case
For why individual freedom is essential to the entire human race.
She fled from Soviet Russia where the state ruled in totality
And with personal liberty made a success that changed her life -- and all reality.
Ayn Rand earned her fame writing adventurous stories
In which heroes fought moochers to create their own glories.
In The Fountainhead novel she would forcefully proclaim
That compromising personal integrity is a crime and a shame.
Atlas Shrugged was a philosophical book of wondrous fiction
Celebrating achievement and individualism without government restriction.
Her writing ranged from the nature of reality to personal ethics
From epistemology, art, to politics and economics.
Her many writings continue to inspire and enthrall
With a theme that endures and runs through them all:
To thine own self be true in a rational way,
Be true in your actions and in what you say.
Treat people as fairly as justice deems true
Demand respect in the way everyone treats you.
Ayn Rand was the unique and the true founding mother
Of the liberty movement that fights contra Big Brother
Who promoted the moral foundation of capitalism
And exposed the pitfalls of all forms of socialism.
Rand’s message is diametrically opposed to big government and socialistic opinions
It’s anathema to Marx and all of his minions.
She shaped and inspired our best politicians
To shrink government as part of their larger ambitions.
By showing how ethical self-interest makes us each more empowered
And how this is so much better than being a victim or coward.
Why we must chase the goal for which our heart is yearning
And spend our energy and capital and focus in earning.
She explained how the deep state and its cronies are all in cahoots
And turn government into a bank that redistributes
From the people who create what others desire
And how this always turns an economy into a downbeat quagmire.
Because to do this they must make the state big and strong
And this is very inefficient and morally wrong.
Objectivism is her philosophy,
With five philosophic branches on the tree
While the movement now has a few different factions
With different approaches that sometimes constrain interactions.
Its ideas should be celebrated under a great big tent
Whose tent poles are grounded in Rand’s original intent:
*Rational self-interest between each person on earth;
*Rational people with their rights intact from their birth;
*Personal freedom that’s matched with accountability;
*Where each individual takes responsibility;
*Where we admire the creator who achieves excellence,
*Where pride is a virtue -- but so is benevolence;
*Where the government is limited and finite and small;
*And there is freedom and justice and liberty for all.

About The Author:

Author: Daniel Aronstein

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