gop civil warA #1  Kindle best-seller in "Political Parties" 

"Ed Hudgins has written the playbook for Republicans, Independents, and Democrats alienated by the moral cannibalism and dysfunction of today’s politics.

Hudgins’ short book defines the three warring factions in the Republican Party, and explains why without a coalition based on individual liberty, the Party is destined for lost elections, and ever more expansive, intrusive, and corrupt government. To win, the new coalition must explicitly advocate economic liberty, social tolerance, and equal rights for all; and reject crony capitalism, identity politics, and social intolerance. The book explains why liberty best protects our interests in personal morality, economic prosperity and privacy. Here’s the playbook for the Republican Party to gain the moral high ground and attract millions to a powerful, and uniquely American, political movement. If not now, when?"                                                                                          --Entrepreneur Jay LaPeyre

The Republican Party is in a civil war among three factions: establishment Republicans, who simply want to make the welfare state work efficiently; social conservatives, and limited-government Republicans, who favor freedom.

Will chronic GOP fratricide mean the long-term decline of the party — and the country?

"The Republican party is the only possible vessel for the freedom movement in the United States.  Ed Hudgins’ exciting book makes his case for how the GOP can best become a stronger vehicle for those of us travelling the too long, too windy road to Freedom."  
Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform.

"I strongly urge every Republican activist to read this book."
Jim Rubens, former New Hampshire Senator.
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Ed Hudgins is a veteran political analyst and has been a frequent guest on national TV and radio news programs. He is also available for speaking engagements on the GOP civil war.

About Ed Hudgins :
Ed Hudgins served as a senior economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress and was both deputy director for economic policy studies and director of the Center for International Economic Growth at the Heritage Foundation. He has testified on many occasions before Congress. Ed was previously the director of regulatory studies for the Cato Institute and editor of Regulation magazine

Ed has appeared on NBC's Dateline NBC, National Public Radio, PBS, Fox News Channel, CNN, MSNBC and Voice of America, among other venues. He holds a doctorate in political philosophy.


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