March 25, 2013
9:00 pm - 10:00pm Eastern

The Republican defeat in the 2012 elections was in part due to the GOP’s failure to offer consistent pro-freedom policies. But that party is a coalition of libertarian-minded constitutionalists, social conservatives, and status-quo oriented neo-conservatives. These factions are locked in a civil war over fundamental issues: Should the party focus on rolling back the welfare state or simply makie it operate more effectively? Should they push a social agenda that limits liberty? And what, exactly, is possible in politics anyway? Can the GOP be reformed? Does the Libertarian Party offer a viable alternative? And do the Democrats offer any hope?

TAS Director of Advocacy Edward Hudgins will diagnose the cultural ills of the Republican Party in this webinar featuring live audio with an online slide show. After a short presentation, Hudgins will take questions from the audience.
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