Minnesota raw-milk producers are facing criminal charges for selling what some of their customers think is a healthier, tastier product than the pasteurized milk sold by the mainstream dairy industry.

Meanwhile, in California, Annette Whiteford ordered a business to stop selling its products -- and the business claimed government officials then harassed one of its customers.

Whiteford is the California state veterinarian, and she imposed a quarantine and a recall on Organic Pastures' raw-milk products after ten people who had drunk its raw milk became ill and campylobacter was found in its cream, Food Safety News reports. About a week later, the state found that the business met its requirements and lifted the ban on the Fresno County dairy's products, the LA Times reports.

According to Natural News, company founder Mark McAfee said a secretary had given officials a customer list and a customer had called him to say officials had turned up at her home demanding her raw milk. But the Blaze contacted an official from the Los Angeles County Health Department, who said only one home visit was made and no one was home to receive it.


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