February 2, 2012 -- John Aglialoro, the producer of Atlas Shrugged Part 1 , has announced that the cameras will soon roll on Part 2 of the planned movie trilogy of Ayn Rand’s great novel. The film will be in theaters this fall! And, as with the first movie, The Atlas Society will be heavily involved both in promoting the movie and spreading the Objectivist philosophy developed by Rand. The announcement came on February 2, 2012, which would have been Rand’s 107th birthday!

Harmon Kaslow, who produced Atlas Shrugged Part 1 with Aglialoro, tells us the timing was no coincidence: “We have high aspirations for Part 2. We’ve looked carefully at Part 1 and taken time to analyze and reexamine everything from the script to the casting. John and I are committed to making a great Part 2 and excited about what lies ahead.” Aglialoro made public that:

• The film is now fully financed;
• Principal photography will begin April 2012 in Los Angeles, Colorado, and New York;
• Emmy Award winner Duncan Scott, who worked with Rand to produce the English-subtitled version of the Italian film of her novel We the Living, will act as a screenplay consultant, joining The Atlas Society’s David Kelley in that task;
• Veteran TV producer Jeff Freilich will be coming on with Aglialoro and Kaslow to produce the picture;
• The theatrical release of the film will be October 2012;
• AtlasShruggedMovie.com website has been launched with “portals” to the Part 1 and Part 2 websites.
Part 2 will cover the second section of Rand’s still-bestselling 1957 novel, entitled “Either-Or.” Part 2 dramatizes the collapse of industrial America; its chilling parallels with the state of America today account in part for the novel’s continuing popularity.

Atlas Society Capital Movie Campaign

The Atlas Society actively promoted Part 1 by setting up preview screenings and premieres, dedicating a special section of its Web site to the film and book, offering video commentaries and webinars on the film and text commentaries on Rand’s prescience, running a “Myths About Ayn Rand” series, providing educational materials on Objectivism, and producing a special edition DVD that contains Atlas Society materials. For Part 2 The Atlas Society intends to take promotion to a new level by raising $1 million to make certain that the impact of Atlas Shrugged cannot be missed in our culture and politics today.

 As part of The Atlas Society’s promotion efforts, the theme of its annual Summer Seminar conference will be “Either-Or: Atlas Shrugged and the Future of Individualism.” It will focus on the philosophy and insights of the novel. This celebration of open Objectivism over three full days June 29-July 1, 2012 will take place in the elegant setting of the Renaissance Hotel, Washington, D.C.
The Summer Seminar brings together the community of scholars, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists who have made open Objectivism a central part of their life and thought.
 This year producers John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow will offer a special update on Part 2. “We are eager to provide Seminar participants a battlefield report on the film,” says Aglialoro, a trustee of the Society.


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