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In this talk, from The Atlas Society’s 1998 Summer Seminar, Dr. Nathaniel Branden presents an uplifting interpretation of what it means to love one’s life. And in the process he explores the preconditions, the obstacles, and the psychological issues involved in achieving this way of thinking.

Inherent in the Objectivist ethics is a vision of human beings who are deeply passionate about their lives. This is a dominant characteristic of the heroes and heroines of Ayn Rand’s novels, who exemplify the Objectivist ethics and its sense of life in action.
Citing Rand, and examples from his own life and work Dr. Branden shows how the Objectivist vision abounds with affirmations to loving one’s life, which are grounded in a dedication to values—to the value of life itself and to the values that make up life and make it worth living.
Nathaniel Branden is a practicing psychotherapist and an acknowledged pioneer in the self-esteem movement. A prolific author and lecturer, he is also a corporate consultant who teaches clients around the world how the principles and technologies of self-esteem can help them meet the challenges of modern business.
Dr. Branden’s many books include The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem, Taking Responsibility, The Art of Living Consciously, and his memoir, My Years with Ayn Rand. He has been a frequent lecturer at Atlas Society events.

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