It is always gratifying to find a prominent pro-business blogger, not obviously an Objectivist, who feels that he cannot adequately express his revulsion for the government persecution of businessmen except through the words of Ayn Rand. Today’s example comes from the estimable Tom Kirkendall of Houston’s Clear Thinkers .

He devotes his column to the end of the ordeal of James Brown , who has been persecuted for six years over something called Enron’s “Nigerian Barge case.” After explaining in minute detail the government’s baseless and frivolous attempt to stretch out Brown’s suffering to its uttermost extent, Kirkendall writes:

Ayn Rand's observation about socialists who use state power to further their supposedly altruistic goals seems particularly apt: "[T]he truth about their souls is worse than the obscene excuse you have allowed them, the excuse that the end justifies the means and that the horrors they practice are means to nobler ends. The truth is that those horrors are their ends."
More tomorrow on Brown’s case, and his persecution.


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