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Great Books — My Recommended Reading List

August 15, 2019 Seven categories. Five only in each. Works that I love or learned from or influenced me or that I... Read more...

Human Dignity and the Principle Of Trade

August 05, 2019 Every July, I draw inspiration from some of the best and brightest high school students. They come... Read more...

Google Digging Its Own Grave

August 02, 2019 Big tech companies are digging their own graves with their ingratitude toward the economic liberty... Read more...

The Noah Option

August 01, 2019 Editor’s Note: This excerpt from The Noah Option, Michael McCarthy’s first novel, is... Read more...

Member’s Spotlight: An Interview with Sonia Vigen

July 29, 2019 Communism Is a Race to the Bottom Editor’s Note: Friends and members of The Atlas Society are... Read more...

"Mean Girl" – It Takes One to Know One

July 14, 2019 After hearing some buzz about Lisa Duggan’s Mean Girl, I decided to read it for myself... Read more...

Property Rights Win a Dramatic Victory

July 10, 2019 As Democratic presidential candidates debate their competing promises to voters, without the... Read more...

An Interview with Economist and International Affairs Activist Gloria Alvarez

July 09, 2019 MM: You will be the keynote speaker at The Atlas Society’s third annual gala October 10 in New... Read more...

Postmodern Art and Evolutionary Art

July 08, 2019 The following is a version of my part of a joint presentation with Stephen Hicks given at the... Read more...

individual rights u.s. constitution america ayn rand objectivism
How can you make sense of competing claims to rights?
obamacare health care healthcare socialized medicine ayn rand objectivism
Welfare rights vs. liberty rights
pro-capitalism laissez-faire what is the moral case for capitalism? ayn rand objectivism atlas society
A capitalist society is based on the recognition and protection of individual rights.
ISIS terrorism objectivism ayn rand atlas shugged philosophy understanding terrorists
Taking intellectual aim at the ideas that inspire Islamists.
"If freedom is to survive and flourish, we need a fourth revolution, a moral revolution, that establishes the moral right of the individual to live for himself."
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