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Member Spotlight: Legacy Donor Dr. Greg Bulkley

April 09, 2020 Editor’s Note: Friends and members of The Atlas Society are a major source of wisdom,... Read more...

Salvation Through Annihilation

April 03, 2020 Editor’s note:  While we speed into production with our next three Draw My Life videos,... Read more...

COVID-19 Is Not Even Close To America's Biggest Problem

April 01, 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic can be used to illustrate two problems that are both more destructive than... Read more...

Objectivism and Covid-19

March 30, 2020 Editor’s Note:  As the health and economic effects of Covid-19 intensify, we asked... Read more...

My Name is Coronavirus

March 29, 2020 My name is Coronavirus.  I was born among bats in the caves of Communist China. I came... Read more...

Member Spotlight: Social Psychologist Joe Duarte, Ph.D.

March 24, 2020 Editor’s Note: Friends and members of The Atlas Society are a major source of knowledge and... Read more...

Coronavirus Message from The Atlas Society

March 22, 2020 At a time when a highly infectious biological virus, the coronavirus, is spreading – as is an... Read more...

Justice, Inc.

March 18, 2020 Editor's Note: The following is chapter one of J.P. Medved’s novel Justice, Inc.... Read more...

individual rights u.s. constitution america ayn rand objectivism
How can you make sense of competing claims to rights?
obamacare health care healthcare socialized medicine ayn rand objectivism
Welfare rights vs. liberty rights
pro-capitalism laissez-faire what is the moral case for capitalism? ayn rand objectivism atlas society
A capitalist society is based on the recognition and protection of individual rights.
ISIS terrorism objectivism ayn rand atlas shugged philosophy understanding terrorists
Taking intellectual aim at the ideas that inspire Islamists.
"If freedom is to survive and flourish, we need a fourth revolution, a moral revolution, that establishes the moral right of the individual to live for himself."
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