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Victor Hugo’s Spirit of Romanticism Once Heartened Frenchmen to Save Notre Dame Cathedral

April 16, 2019 The fearful blaze ravaging Notre Dame Cathedral came under initial control, this evening.... Read more...

Not Changing Her Mind

April 15, 2019 In 1972, American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer challenged and defeated Boris Spassky, the... Read more...

Frightened Children Won’t Solve the World’s Problems

April 15, 2019 Bjorn Lomborg’s diagnosis: Decades of climate-change exaggeration in the West have produced... Read more...

The Battle Isn't Right vs. Left. It's Statism vs. Individualism

April 15, 2019 I’ve written about how totalitarian ideologies such as communism and Nazism have a lot in common.... Read more...

Interview with Jason Stotts, author of Eros and Ethos: A New Theory of Sexual Ethics

April 08, 2019 Jason Stotts is a philosopher and psychotherapist who has long been interested in the... Read more...

Gears, Jeers, and Relationship Fears

April 08, 2019 Editor’s Note: In this personal blog, the artist Agnieszka Pilat reflects on men, machines,... Read more...


April 08, 2019 Editor’s Note: Frankensteel is Book One of the the Just Hunter Series by... Read more...

Is Wealth and Privilege the Problem?

April 06, 2019 Is Operation Varsity Blues really about wealth and privilege? Boston U. S. Attorney Andrew... Read more...

Biden Making Run for the Dog House

April 02, 2019 Rubbing noses, sniffing hair, pawing women…. what’s next for Joe Biden, licking faces?... Read more...

individual rights u.s. constitution america ayn rand objectivism
How can you make sense of competing claims to rights?
obamacare health care healthcare socialized medicine ayn rand objectivism
Welfare rights vs. liberty rights
pro-capitalism laissez-faire what is the moral case for capitalism? ayn rand objectivism atlas society
A capitalist society is based on the recognition and protection of individual rights.
ISIS terrorism objectivism ayn rand atlas shugged philosophy understanding terrorists
Taking intellectual aim at the ideas that inspire Islamists.
"If freedom is to survive and flourish, we need a fourth revolution, a moral revolution, that establishes the moral right of the individual to live for himself."
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