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In her books Ayn Rand forged a systematic philosophy of reason and freedom.

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Atlas Shrugged

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Latest Articles

An Appointment with Vouchers

February 23, 2017 For partisans on both sides of the nomination (and hard-fought confirmation) of Betsy DeVos, 59,... Read more...

What Does “President’s Day” Mean to You?

February 20, 2017 On Monday, February 20, I will celebrate Washington’s Birthday. That is still the official federal... Read more...

Ayn Rand's Heroic Life

February 17, 2017 Originally posted on I first encountered Ayn Rand through her nonfiction. This was when I... Read more...

Watergate Reruns: The Campaign to Overturn the Election

February 16, 2017 What I call the “Not Our President Elite” (NOPE) believes that a frighteningly ignorant, bigoted,... Read more...

A Randian Rockstar: KISS’ Gene Simmons

February 12, 2017 Ayn Rand rocks. That’s the attitude of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, an autodidact who... Read more...

Libraries, Ayn Rand, and Borrowing Atlas Shrugged

February 10, 2017 If you have a burning interest in morality, is it immoral to steal a book on it? Well that’s not... Read more...

Ayn, What if Atlas Snapped?

February 09, 2017 Originally published on Would Aristotle have Tweeted? Would Isaac Newton have been too... Read more...

Schumpeter’s Innovators

February 08, 2017 Originally published on September 7th, 2010. This week we’ve celebrated the birthdays of... Read more...

Betsy DeVos’ Game Changing Confirmation

February 08, 2017 With the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education yesterday, President Trump won a... Read more...

Was Ayn Rand Wrong on Reagan?

February 06, 2017 Hardcore anti-Communist Ayn Rand was, to the surprise of many who did not live through those days,... Read more...

5 Reasons Kevin Sorbo Should Play John Galt

February 05, 2017 Kevin Sorbo, a neighbor and upright family man, has just made headlines for landing a role as a... Read more...

The Super Bowls of Your Life

February 04, 2017 The fervor that is American professional football culminates this week in the Super Bowl... Read more...
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