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New to Ayn Rand?

Get a quick overview of her life and her ideas.

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What is Objectivism?

In her books Ayn Rand forged a systematic philosophy of reason and freedom.

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Atlas Shrugged

Explore the epic that launched a philosophical revolution.

Latest Articles

Ayn Rand and Contemporary Business Ethics, Part 1

December 10, 2018 This four-part series by The Atlas Society Senior Scholar Stephen Hicks, Ph.D is a... Read more...

Ayn Rand and Altruism, Part 2

December 10, 2018 In my last essay, I summarized some leading ideas of Auguste Comte, who coined the word “altruism”... Read more...

Ayn Rand and Altruism, Part 1

December 04, 2018 On 4 July 1943, Ayn Rand wrote to John C. Gall, a conservative attorney and fan of The... Read more...

Drinks with Friends

December 03, 2018 On December 5, 1933, Congress ratified the 21st Amendment and repealed Prohibition. While Ayn Rand... Read more...

What Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us All About Life

November 26, 2018 We often think of entrepreneurs as larger-than-life characters. They take big risks. They make... Read more...

Filming The Fountainhead

November 26, 2018 In the fall of 1943, Warner Brothers paid Ayn Rand $50,000 for the movie rights to The... Read more...

The Courage to Face a Lifetime

November 20, 2018 Ayn Rand recognized the important role music played in Western culture: “To the Western man, music... Read more...

Fighting Words: Ayn Rand and the Military

November 12, 2018 Ayn Rand had no love for war.  In a journal entry from 1946 she recognized that war was the... Read more...

A Rand Inspired New Novel about Limited Government

November 09, 2018 As the midterm elections come and go, it is a good time to remember that Ayn Rand defended limited... Read more...

The Missing I and the Missing Link: Was Ayn Rand Right about Evolution?

November 05, 2018 Gorillas are social animals that live in groups to help them survive. Males protect females and... Read more...

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged Places in the Top 20 on The Great American Read

November 01, 2018 PBS announced the results of The Great American Read on October 23, 2018. Out of 100 novels, fans... Read more...

Stop Saying "We": Why You Should Say "I" and "You" More at the Office

October 24, 2018 Stop Saying "We": Why You Should Say "I" and "You" More at the Office   If you... Read more...
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Nathaniel Branden, author and psychologist
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Robert Poole, Founder, The Reason Foundation
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Ed Crane, co-founder, The Cato Institute
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