The Graduate Seminar has run from 2004-2013 as a special week of lectures, discussions, and workshops designed for graduate students, junior faculty, and post-doctoral scholars of philosophy and related fields. David Kelley, Ph.D., founder of The Atlas Society, is the lead instructor for this intimate and intensive week of intellectual development. Instruction varies from year-to-year, but generally focuses on the content of Objectivism, the relation of Objectivism to non-Objectivist scholarly literature, the distinctive Objectivist method of philosophical analysis, and writing and speaking skills. Our Graduate Seminars are held in the latter half of summer.

Note for 2014: No Graduate Seminar is planned for 2014

Research Workshop:  For the most advanced scholars, The Atlas Society offers a monthly Research Workshop online. In the Research Workshop in Objectivist Philosophy, we discuss new and classic writings deepening and extending Objectivism. The Research Workshop is open to scholars with a systematic understanding of Objectivism. If you are interested and think you are qualified, contact William R Thomas , TAS Director of Programs, to inquire.
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For more information contact Program Director Will Thomas at (202)370-6880 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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