"I am not primarily an advocate of capitalism, but of egoism; and I not primarily an advocate of egoism, but of reason...."
Ayn Rand

This 10-part video lecture series by David Kelley and William R Thomas presents the essentials of the Objectivist view of knowledge. It explains why reason is an absolute; why emotions are not tools of cognition, despite their psychological importance; and why mysticism is a cognitive dead-end. It presents Ayn Rand's innovative theory of concepts and objectivity, including the role of sense-perception, logic, and axioms, as well as the nature of certainty. The course shows why a rational approach to life is a vital human need.

In this video presentation, philosopher and economics professor William R Thomas turns our attention to the relation between reason and our emotions. He covers the traditional view of the conflict between reason and emotion, the Objectivist view of the nature of emotions, Ayn Rand's view that emotions are not tools of cognition, and what emotions are tools of. This video is Lecture 6 in the multi-part Reason course.   RelatedAtlas University conversations: Reason and Emotions                                    spiderID=3532
In this conversation, William R Thomas and David Kelley discuss the essence of mental focus and how it comprises much more than just "concentration." The conversation is based on the video lecture " Volition: The Choice to Think " by Thomas. That lecture is the third in the course "Reason," offered by Atlas University , our online educational program. We invite you to join the conversation below by adding a comment or question. David or Will will respond where appropriate.   MORE RESOURCES: THE EXPERIENCE OF FREEDOM  In this talk on free will, presented at the 2012 Atlas Summit, David Kelley focuses, not on the classic issue of how freedom of choice relates to causal determinism, but on the inner experience of freedom. spiderID=3486
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