Sexuality and Society
Speaking as an Objectivist who is also gay and very active in non-Western queer communities, Jerry Johnson compels a critical re-examination of prevailing attitudes towards sexual expression and push towards an emancipation of the mind and body.

How to Raise an Individualist with High Self-Esteem
Most Objectivist parents want to raise their children with as little coercion as possible, but lack the knowledge of how to do so. Parenting can and should be completely consistent with Objectivist values—there are no contradictions, just faulty premises. Join Roslyn Ross as she examines the most common mistakes Objectivists parents make and how to avoid them.

Objectivist Ethics for Parents and Children
What do the values at stake in parenting imply about how parents should treat children? How should minor children act to develop their own independence and to convert their familial relations from duty to a positive, value-based relation?  William Thomas, director of the Atlas Summit conference, presents.

How to Make a Great Person - Part 1 and Part 2
These two videos cover the stages of development from birth to early adulthood and offer parents and others specific strategies plus an overarching map for guiding a child to independent, competent adulthood. Featuring Montessori educator Donahue Shortridge.

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