Question: How does Objectivism define and classify sexual desire and lust? It seems they do not actually flow from convictions, but instead have a biological basis. Since sex is a large part of an individual’s self-identity, what role do sexual desires and actions play in an Objectivist's life? Doesn't sexual desire undermine the whole Randian theory of mind-body synergy?
Question: How does Objectivism respond to the conception of God presented by the Deist school of thought? If a belief in some kind of divine Creator is based on reason, not mysticism, can this be reconciled with an Objectivist philosophy? 
Question: How are rational egoism or laissez-faire capitalism more objective than rational altruism or communism?
Question: I am just beginning to learn about Objectivism , but I have yet to hear anything about how Objectivists would address the multifarious environmental issues that plague this world today, including environmental cleanup from industry and preservation of ecologically rich environments for the sake of species diversity.
Question: How does  Objectivism compare or contrast with existentialism?

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