Question: Open Objectivism states that one can't distinguish whether another is holding a non-objectivist view because of evasion or because of an error in judgment. Couldn't an error in judgment lead someone to refuse to think and thus commit evasion? Nihilism would be a good example of this: Nihilists don't just simply commit evasion, but rather have incorrect philosophical premises that lead them to evasion.
Question: What is the Objectivist view of multiculturalism?
Question: Why are Ayn Rand followers so against nature and wilderness? They seem to feel everything on earth is for our pleasure and to heck with the natural world and its wildlife. This keeps me from really getting into the whole idea.
Question: What is Objectivism's general stance on the concept of transhumanism, as well as the complex ethical, metaphysical, and political issues that it entails?

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