Question: What are Objectivist views on Libertarianism, and what are the similarities and differences between the two?
Question: How does Objectivism differ from Humanism?  Answer: Humanism is the doctrine that there is only the real world, that reason is our means of knowledge, and that human well-being in this life is the proper aim of human action.
Question:  Ayn Rand said, "The only action which a government can take to protect free competition is: Laissez-faire! which, in translation, means: Hands off." But how is illegitimate economic power deriving from false value contained without government interaction? And how, then, is the government to protect man's rights (i.e., how can Rand justify copyright laws when thay are hands-on)?
Question: From reading about the Industrial Revolution and past attempts at laissez-faire capitalism, it seems that the latter led to extremely poor working conditions and an environment where the workers have essentially no rights in terms of the workplace. From the Objectivist standpoint, how does laissez-faire capitalism protect workers' rights? How does it combat against the exploitation of the workers? And how does it combat the poor working environments of the Industrial Revolution, as seen in the factories of the time?

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