Sidebar article to: " Goddess Undeified ", a review of Jennifer Burns's Goddess of the Market

The New Individualist
’s founding editor David Kelley gets a characteristically fact-based and sympathetic treatment from Jennifer Burns in the epilogue to Goddess of the Market. She discusses, inter alia, the development of the Objectivist movement after Rand’s death, in which David Kelley has played a crucial role. Two excerpts:

On Kelley’s The Evidence of the Senses:“Educated in a top-ranked philosophy department [Princeton] and by a mentor [Richard Rorty] who stood in opposition to all Rand taught, Kelley was the first Objectivist philosopher to grapple seriously with opposing points of view rather than dispensing with them in the loaded language that Rand typically employed. As such his volume opened a new range of possibilities for Rand’s presence within contemporary philosophy.” (p. 280) 
On Kelley’s founding of what is now called The Atlas Society: “Unlike Rand’s earlier victims [of movement schisms and purges], Kelley was largely unperturbed by his ejection from the Objectivist inner circle…. [h]e reconstituted himself as the leader of an independent Objectivist movement, founding The Institute for Objectivist Studies in 1990.” (p. 281)