For the next few days, our Kindle book Myths About Ayn Rand: Myths About Ayn Rand Popular Errors and the Insights They Conceal, will be 

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myth de-bunking information. Resurgent interest in Atlas Shrugged as well as the ongoing Atlas Shrugged movie trilogy reignite public discussion of Rand's ideas. This Kindle book promotes accuracy in debate.
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Update: Already, after 8 hours, we've rocketed up to the #1 slot on the Amazon best-seller list for free Political Philosophy books, where we edged out The Communist Manifesto, which holds the #2 spot. (Atlas Shrugged is #1 in the paid list). We also reached the #1 slot in the best-seller list for free "Ethics and Morality" books. That's good, because it raises the book's visibility, and readers who check those lists will be notice the #1 best-seller. But we've got a ways to go. We're currently at rank #423 in the free book Amazon list. We need to get higher. Will you add your transforming power to the situation: the power of individual action? Thanks!

Update #2: We've jumped to page 1 of Amazon search results in the Kindle store for "Ayn Rand ". The book is now #4 on the free Philosophy best-seller's list, and #6 on the free Political and Social Sciences best-seller list. We still need more downloads and reviews however, to climb in our overall rank in the free book section.

Update #3:  Thanks to you, we met our goal of boosting the visibility and discoverability of this book. It has surged in the Amazon search algorithm (one of the key goals of the promotional campaign) and now appears on page 1 of  Amazon search results for "Ayn Rand," ahead of Rand's For the New Intellectual, The Romantic Manifesto, and Philosophy: Who Needs It? At the height of this 5-day campaign, the book reached a free sales rank of #301 and became the #3 best-selling book in the free Kindle "Philosophy" category (while holding on to its two other #1 best-seller slots). We'll conduct two more promotions over the next 90 days. This promotion is now over.  Note: Since the book is no longer free, it will no longer be listed in the free best-selling lists, and it's sales rank with be reset to ground zero so to speak, with the first books sold today at a price being recorded as first sales.

Update #4: Feb. 3 7:00p.m.  Following our 5-day free book campaign, Myths is now climbing the paid best-seller charts! It's now #4 in the Kindle paid best-seller list for "Political Philosophy,"  three notches down from Atlas Shrugged itself and ahead of The Road to Serfdom by Hayek. It's currently #9 in the paid Kindle best-seller list for "Ethics and Morality,"  ahead of Sam Harris' Lying and The Moral Landscape. It's also starting to climb the all-inclusive "Poltical Philosophy" best-seller list which includes paperbacks. There it's currently #18 where it again edged out The Communist Manifesto.

Update #5: As soon as I wrote the above, the book advanced to the #2 slot in the national Kindle best-seller list, right behind Atlas Shrugged!

We even had a little fun and created this meme, to celebrate Ayn wrestling Karl Marx out of the #1 best-seller slot.