The following are archives from two of The Atlas Society's online seminars.  Participants read works by major philosophers, analyzed their ideas, and commented on each other's analyses. The purpose of these seminars is to develop Objectivist responses to key thinkers and, more broadly, an Objectivist method of philosophical analysis.

The Continental Origins of Postmodernism 

Participants in this seminar read key works in the development of Postmodernism, to understand the origins of this powerful trend in contemporary thought and to develop the background of an effective Objectivist response. “Postmodernism is influential in contemporary academic and intellectual culture,” Stephen Hicks remarked. "But most of us are trained in the analytic tradition, so we are less likely to be exposed to the major postmodern thinkers. The purpose of this seminar, accordingly, is to broaden our knowledge of the current intellectual landscape by exploring the distinctively postmodern content, method, and style of philosophy. This will better enable us to think about how to advance Objectivism in contemporary academic culture.”

Nietzsche and Objectivism

The topic of this seminar is the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche and its influence on Ayn Rand. In Nietzsche we have a thinker of great direct significance for Objectivism due to the similarity often drawn between his ethics and Rand's and his probable influence on Rand.


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