Inspired by the vision of life in Ayn Rand’s novels, many people have adopted Objectivism as a way of life: a code of conduct and character, a guide to success and fulfillment in life.

While Rand’s novels convey the spirit and essence of the Objectivist ethics, as the stories and parables in the Bible do for Christian ethics, a novel is a work of fiction. To apply the principles of Objectivism to our lives in the real world, the links offer insights on what it means to live for your happiness with reason as your standard, how to maintain the right focus in life, how to achieve your values and avoid pitfalls. The articles and audio downloads cover a range of issues and specific areas of life—from integrity on the job to raising children, from time-management to the meaning of life, from the true nature of pride to the true nature of benevolence toward others.

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