Lecture 1. The Role of Philosophy. What is philosophy?—The historical role of reason—The bankruptcy of today's culture—Objectivism—Objectivism vs. subjectivism.
This December 14, 1991 talk by psychiatrist and concert pianist Allan Blumenthal shows how the heightened awareness of inner experience enriches the enjoyment of life. The talk was prepared by both Allan Blumenthal and his wife, artist Joan Mitchell Blumenthal.
Why are the Objectivists a relatively unknown, "radical" group? Why, after half a century, haven't the Objectivist ideas become common sense in western society? Is it a problem with the philosophy itself? Is the problem how it is presented and "marketed"?
  "Objectivism from the Source" is a new online course offering individuals a stimulating way to explore Ayn Rand's philosophy and her view of culture through her own words. Learn the richness and common-sense truth of Objectivism thought. Rediscover how meaningful Ayn Rand's ideas can be.

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