Atlas Summit 2014 -- “On this material, profit-chasing earth,” John Galt tells us, man must create the values he needs if he seeks to live. That takes virtue. And in order to do it, man needs rights. A rights-upholding political order is thus a value, and like all values, it calls on our virtue to achieve it.

The virtue required, Alexander R. Cohen argues, is patriotism. In this talk, Cohen explains what the virtue of patriotism is, why Objectivists should adopt it, why “patriotism” is a good word for it, and how John Galt exemplifies it.

Alexander R. Cohen, JD, MA, is an Associate Scholar at The Atlas Society. He has taught Objectivism at the introductory level and at TAS’s Graduate Seminar, and he has lectured at the Atlas Summit (or its predecessor events) every year since 2006. He is also managing editor of the Business Rights Center. Cohen studied philosophy at the graduate level at the City University of New York, the University of Virginia, and the Atlas Society Graduate Seminar; before that, he received a bachelor’s in journalism from American University and a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.


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