Creative Director Zach Goodwin of iStrategyLabs skateboards through the company's D.C. officeAtlas Summit 2014 --  Work and career are central values in Objectivism. Play doesn’t get a lot of focus in Ayn Rand’s fiction or in Objectivist philosophy. Play, though, offers many positive benefits and is a ubiquitous feature of human civilizations.

In this video, author  Shawn Klein presents an Objectivist conception of the value of play by way of answering the following questions. What role is there for play in an Objectivist life? Can play be a part of one’s central purpose? What is the relationship between the virtues (such as productivity and rationality) and play?

Shawn Klein is the editor of the upcoming book Steve Jobs and Philosophy . Shawn teaches philosophy at Rockford University in Rockford, Illinois. He holds a PhD in Philosophy from Arizona State University. He blogs and podcasts about the philosophy of sport at The Sports Ethicist .


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