Atlas Summit 2012 -- In this talk on free will, David Kelley focuses, not on the classic issue of how freedom of choice relates to causal determinism, but on the inner experience of freedom. We experience free will in many forms and contexts. To explore this variety, he discusses three particular modes of experience: self-control of impulse, meditation, and flow. What are the similarities and differences among these experiences? In which of them do we experience free will most clearly? In addressing these questions, Kelley draws on the Objectivist theory of volition and on the work of psychologists. 
Filming of The Atlas Summit was provided by Synthesis Multimedia, Inc.


David Kelley

About The Author:

Author: David Kelley
David Kelley is the founder and executive director of The Atlas Society. A professional philosopher, teacher, and best-selling author, he has been a leading proponent of Objectivism for more than 25 years.
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