objectivism in india ayn rand hinduism atlas shrugged Atlas Summit 2014 -- Using cultural themes specific to India, Jerry Johnson explores how Objectivism can be more easily promoted and digested within non-Western cultures.

For instance, using the symbols of Hindu gods Laxmi, Durga, and Saraswati—who stand for Wealth, Emotional Security, and Wisdom, respectively—he explores how Objectivism has deep appreciation for values that Indians understand as making for a good life. Likewise, by shining light on Objectivism's emotional thrust—the passionate dedication to life, reason, liberty, and happiness that Objectivism champions—he draws parallels to the Indian mode of experiencing life: dramatically, emotionally, deeply, and profoundly.

Jerry Johnson is a corporate communication professional with academic training in psychology and philosophy. He is also a TEDx speaker and TEDx curator. His articles have appeared in the Times of India, DNA, and Open magazine. Jerry has been active in spreading the ideas of Objectivism in India through his collaboration with think-tanks in India, the philosophy groups at the University of Mumbai, and through his soon-to-be-launched institute "The Delphi Center."


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