At the heart of Objectivism is the claim that this philosophy is more than a theory. This philosophy is a way of life—a successful life. In his current job, Nathaniel Branch has been applying the principles of Objectivism successfully in the substance abuse treatment field, changing lives through counseling and education.

He has found that the most successful tools are those that embody classic Objectivist principles and ideas. In this talk, he will show how these tools are working to help others find their own sense of value and identity. Simply put: this philosophy works.

Nathaniel Branch is an Associate Addiction Counselor at Rosecrance Health Network, Rockford, Illinois. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rockford University and is currently completing his Master’s degree in philosophy at Northern Illinois University where his focus is the study of ethics. He is also a guest lecturer in ethics at Dominican University, where he has presented the Objectivist theory of ethics. He is a past attendee of the Atlas Society Graduate Seminar and was awarded a scholarship from the Atlas Society to support his graduate studies.


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