Wealth disparity in America is a growing concern and promises to be a highlight of the near-future political debates. But is it really something we should be concerned about? At present, our leaders seem to find it necessary to measure the gap between the poor and the wealthy; however, as Kathy Prellwitz demonstrates, that is not the gap that should be measured. Wealth disparity is only a problem if those with wealth buy political favors to further that wealth, in which case, the disparity is a symptom of governmental economic interference.

Prellwitz argues that highlighting income and wealth disparity really is only a mechanism to rile jealousy in the poor, inciting a belief that they “deserve” more and are being “robbed.” Such rhetoric in politics today is largely based on appeasing the jealous and punishing the producers.

Kathy Prellwitz earned her Master’s degree from the University of Chicago. She currently teaches English and Philosophy classes at Ridgewater Community College in Hutchinson, Minnesota. In addition, she recently ventured into the world of retail property ownership, renovation, and management.


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