We're finalizing details now for our 2016 Atlas Summit! This short promotional video offers a quick glimpse of last year's Summit, capturing the camaraderie and the spirit of learning. 
At the heart of Objectivism is the claim that this philosophy is more than a theory. This philosophy is a way of life—a successful life. In his current job, Nathaniel Branch has been applying the principles of Objectivism successfully in the substance abuse treatment field, changing lives through counseling and education.
The Common Core is being adopted in state after state: it is a de-facto national K-12 curriculum. Is it improving public education or worsening it? Who funded the Common Core project? What businesses profit from it? Is it state-led? Does it nationalize education? What about testing? Who controls and has access to the data?
Michelle Marder Kamhi’s new book Who Says That’s Art? presents a “commonsense view” of the visual arts that owes much to Ayn Rand’s understanding of the essential nature of art. Yet Rand’s idiosyncratic pronouncements about particular works of art, and about individual responses to them, have sometimes proved a stumbling block to full appreciation either of her theory of art or of the rich diversity of the world’s art. Drawing on material covered in the book, Kamhi shows how Rand’s fundamental insights can contribute to a broader understanding and enjoyment of visual art.
Many Objectivists fall into the trap of calling for tolerance while at the same time being intolerant themselves of other Objectivists who hold opposing views on cultural issues. This friction increases because of the wider cultural rift in America generally on these same cultural issues.

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