Good news: The Atlas Summit is partnering with FreedomFest, the largest pro-liberty conference in the world.

  • When you register for the Atlas Summit, you get FreedomFest at no extra charge.
  • Atlas Summit dates: July 11-13. FreedomFest begins the minute the Summit ends on July 13. 
  • Both conferences will be held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

There will also be Atlas Society presentations occurring during FreedomFest on "Atlas Society Day" Friday, July 15.  

People planning to attend the Atlas Summit are invited to stay for all of FreedomFest. And people planning on attending FreedomFest are invited to come to the Atlas Summit, too. We made this change in order to expand the reach of Summit. For Atlas Summit attendees, you no longer have to choose between catching up with your libertarian friends in Vegas or attending the Summit on the east coast.

It's going to be an amazing celebration of the values that underlie the vision of a free society.

For those unfamiliar with the Atlas Summit, here is an introduction to its content, community, and activities:

atlas summit conference objectivismThe Atlas Summit is our flagship conference on open Objectivism, held annually during the summer. This unique event gives you the opportunity to listen to and question top thinkers in literature, law, the arts, politics, philosophy, education, science, and technology. The Summit format emphasizes intellectually stimulating and fascinating lectures, discussions, debates, and workshops. 

Past speakers have included Steve Davis, Director of Advanced Projects at SpaceX; law professor David N. Mayer, author of The Constitutional Thought of Thomas Jefferson; legendary Wall Street trader Victor "Trader Vic" Sperandeo; Gary Lawson, law professor at Boston University; philosopher and author Stephen Hicks; psychiatrist Raymond Raad; the late self-esteem 'guru' Nathaniel Branden; art scholar and critic Michelle Marder Kamhi; Objectivist philosopher David Kelley; and dozens more. 

This intimate conference fosters intellectual sharing and discussion in small groups. You'll find it easy to meet and make friends with independent thinkers of all ages and from all walks of life. We summit attendees 1also set aside time blocks for what we call "Participant Sponsored Sessions" - these are sessions created and led by you - our attendees. And you'll be able to continue your exploratory conversations when everyone comes together for our Summit meals and our late-night "common room."

Summit videos are available for free online after the event.

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Have questions about the next Summit? Feel free to contact us. We'd love to chat with you and provide you with whatever further information you need. We'd love to see you at the 2016 Atlas Summit!

Contact information:
Conference Director: William R Thomas

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