Those attending the Atlas Summit (July 11 -13, Las Vegas) will receive a conference binder at registration with details about the program, the speakers, the sponsors of the event, and, best of all, abstracts and outlines of all the sessions. If you'd like a sneak peek at the binder contents, you can download the binder here.  Don't forget to check our online schedule for any last minutes changes. The Atlas Summit is the annual conference of The Atlas Society. We train and equip enterprising individuals to unleash their potential by adopting the values of freedom, reason, achievement, and ethical self-interest.  Every registrant to FreedomFest, the world's premier libertarian conference, may opt-in to attend the Atlas Summit for free. Simply log in to the FreedomFest page and select "Atlas Summit." If you haven't registered yet for FreedomFest, use the code #FF16Atlas to be automatically registered for the Atlas Summit.    The Atlas Summit is held immediately before FreedomFest at the same location: Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.  Be sure to visit the Atlas Society booth at FreedomFest.      
Are you coming to the Atlas Summit, our annual conference on Ayn Rand's ideas, works, and philosophy? Then you'll want to download the The Atlas Summit Preparation Guide.
The Atlas Summit is a celebration of the ideas of rational individualism. But we can get ideas from videos and books. We don't have to travel to a conference for that.
This year the Atlas Summit, our annual conference on all things Ayn Rand, is running as a pre-conference to FreedomFest. We're enthusiastic about this partnership: FreedomFest is the world's premier libertarian conference, drawing attendees from around the world. The Atlas Summit provides the philosophical foundation for the liberty movement to succeed. And it's all happening at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.  Right now you can get $100 off of your FreedomFest registration, and the Atlas Summit is free of charge. Just use code FF16Atlas when you register.   What: The Atlas Summit and FreedomFest combined When: The Atlas Summit: July 11-13; FreedomFest: July 13 -16.  Where: Planet Hollywood Las Vegas.  Who: Incredible speakers from our own CEO Jennifer Grossman, to George Gilder, Steve Forbes, Sen. Rand Paul, Judge Andrew Napolitano, champion boxer George Foreman, presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Kennedy, legal scholar Randy Barnett, Conrad Black, and many more.  Come join us!      
Energy is central to Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand also chronicled how the 1970s energy crisis was at root philosophical: altruism-collectivism reigned over self-interested capitalism in the Nixon, Ford, and Carter presidencies.

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