If you want to know what to expect from the Democrats’ plans for total government control of health care—and government control of everything else for that matter—consider the case of Terry Kaide, 87, and her husband Sidney, 89, both of Hawaii, Barack Obama’s state of origin.
 It's one of the hottest ideas in health care policy. Both Democrats and Republicans have embraced it. Senator Ron Wyden (D., OR) is pushing health care legislation that contains it. Legislation pursued by the Republican governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, includes it, too.
Ten years ago the media were full of alarming stories about the number of Americans who did not have health care insurance. That "crisis" was used to whip up support for the Clinton administration's comprehensive health care plan, which would have essentially nationalized the $1 trillion health-care industry.
As human beings, we fear chaos and confusion and fight against them. We appreciate order. We celebrate reason, logic, and science because they help us bring order and manageability to our experience of reality. But no matter how rational and focused we are, we remain vulnerable to unexpected events that can throw our lives into turmoil. A slippery sidewalk, an unanticipated illness, a drunken driver, a freak storm, or (who knows?) an errant meteor.
1967: Ayn Rand is interviewed on WKCR, a Columbia University student-run radio station. She is asked about the reason for hostility and the "deep antagonism" that some critics of capitalism express toward it. This reaction is rooted in a "fear of independence" and "rationality" Rand says.


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