The Wall Street Journal reported today [pay site] that the Department of Health and Human Services is urging hospitals and pharmaceutical companies not to buy Obamacare benefits (aka “health insurance”) for poor individuals. Why? Because the internal contradictions of Obamacare have created a conflict of interest.
Atlas Society founder David Kelley is interviewed by Jan Helfeld about the Supreme Court's decision on "Obamacare." 
In the furor over requiring employer-sponsored health insurance to cover contraceptives, access to birth control is not the issue, and religious freedom is only part of the picture.
When people think of Medicare, they usually think of the government health insurance program for seniors over age 65. They may even recall that the program also extends to the disabled who are under 65. Few, though, see it as a program that big business and their D.C. lobbyists can use to drive smaller competitors out of business.
Sidebar article toObamaCare: Rx for Crisis March 7, 2012 -- The incision Dr. Thomas Tkach makes into his patient’s knee is almost like clockwork. It is Friday morning, and within minutes Dr. Tkach will be doing a knee replacement on a patient who just happens to also be a physician. It is his fifth surgery of the day.


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