Following each massacre in Israel, whether of soldiers, pregnant women, or children on their way to school, Arab leaders and their spokespersons appear in the media and insist that the way to end the violence is to end the occupation. Moreover, they argue, the occupation is the cause of the war in the Middle East and of world terrorism—Arab terrorists blow themselves up and murder others because they are frustrated victims of occupation.
The April 26th shooting death of sixteen people at an overseas high school occurred in a country known for its strict gun-control laws. The tragedy is another reminder of the paralyzing uselessness of such controls and the mindset that seeds them. Fighting the darkest amongst us by infringing on the liberties of the brightest is an ignorant, and frankly scary, response to violence.
As reported to Edward L. Hudgins:Dear President George W. Bush and Senator Edward Kennedy,My teacher in social studies told us to write a letter to you about your new law about schools. The TV said the new law means you will make my teachers make better tests and you will look at our scores. Will the FBI come to look at our scores? I’ve never seen a real FBI guy. Also President Bush and Senator Kennedy, please send me your home phone numbers. My Dad sometimes calls Mr. Callahan at his house. Mr. Callahan is on the Board of Education. He is real good and I wish he was my principal! So my Dad will need your phone numbers so if there is a problem at the school he can call you at your houses in Washington and you can come here and fix it.I don’t know much about laws, so I went to the library and asked the librarian about this. And he said the Constitution is the law of America. It is kind of like the rules of a game. We never read the Constitution in social studies. We read about how the world will burn up in the future.Anyway, I got a book that had the Constitution. I read it and I understood a lot of it! It talked about the President and the Congress. It talked about the states. I visited our state capital two times. It said the Congress can have an Army and a Navy. I think the Army and the Navy are doing a real good job about the terrorists. Tell them I like them a lot! But I did not read the part about the schools. But you are the President and the Senator. Maybe you can tell me...
As the United States pursues its war in Afghanistan, the national and the international press have focused attention on the civilian casualties that inevitably result from bombing raids conducted in close proximity to civilian populations. Indeed, after each bombing raid, major newspapers around the world have diligently included the Taliban's assertions about civilian casualties. As the raids continue and ground troops are sent in, the likelihood of further civilian casualties will certainly increase.


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