Fraud. Though I hadn’t really planned for that to be the unifying subject of this issue, it’s a theme that seems to run through most of the articles. This month’s contributors probe many forms of fraud—criminal, political, cultural, and intellectual. And though it may not an inspiring survey, it’s certainly a revealing one.  
As an effective communicator of economic and political ideas, Professor Walter Williams may be without peer. 
It was the evening of May 13, 2004, and on PBS-TV’s Charlie Rose Show the host was chatting with actor Brad Pitt about Troy, his new movie. “As he has done on other occasions, Pitt talked glowingly of the science and aesthetics of architecture,” reports scholar Chris Matthew Sciabarra. “Rose asked him if he knew of any way to combine his passion for architecture with his passion for acting; he wondered if there was any ‘story of a great architect’ that might inspire Pitt. “‘That would go back to The Fountainhead ,’ Pitt replied. Rose wondered if Pitt would even consider re-making it. Pitt said that the book is ‘so dense and complex, it would have to be a six-hour movie…I don’t know how you do it under four, and not lose, really lose, what Ayn Rand was after.’ But he affirmed his profound interest to star in a re-make, and cited Oliver Stone’s own interest in directing it as a feature film.” Brad Pitt—arguably Hollywood’s biggest star—playing Howard Roark? Oliver Stone—unquestionably Hollywood’s farthest-left director—remaking an Ayn Randfilm? It gets weirder. On October 3 of the same year, Pitt’s soon-to-be girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, appeared on Topic A, a now-defunct CNBC show hosted by Tina Brown. Brown asked Jolie what she’d been reading lately. “What am I reading? I’ve been very into Ayn...
“I’ve been very into Ayn Rand …” -Angelina Jolie, in a 2004 interview  


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