Ayn Rand's ideas and influence continue to shape the lives of individuals in every profession. In this recent series, we ask playwrights, artists, activists, and academics five simple questions about how Rand's ideas have impacted them. These short takes are intriguing and easily shareable with friends. 

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Grover Norquist, founder of Americans for Tax Reform

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Psychiatrist Ray Raad

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Investment Entrepreneur Heather Wagenhals

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Jay Friedenberg, psychology professor, futurist, and painter.

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Energy Expert Robert Bradley, Jr.

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Chicago Playwright John Enright

5 Ayn Rand Questions for Artist Michael Newberry

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