October 24, 2014 -- CITIZENFOUR , a documentary about N.S.A. whistleblower Edward Snowden, launches today. To mark the ocassion we present a selection of our articles and videos on the Snowden case and its fallout. (Contributors: Alexander R.

Cohen and William R Thomas) CITIZENFOUR Edward Snowden NSA whistleblower spy surveillance state privacy

Snowden, Heroism, and Self-Interest   6/13/13
If heroism is commitment to one’s chosen values, surely Snowden qualifies.

When Government Demanded Lavabit’s Keys    10/4/13
Lavabit’s purpose was to secure its customers’ email; the federal government’s proper purpose is to secure its citizens’ rights.

Lavabit Founder Shrugs, Closes Snowden Email Service   12/6/13
Ladar Levison, like Midas Mulligan in Atlas Shrugged, refused to hold himself out as offering a trustworthy service when the government would not let him offer one.

The NSA surveillance scandal and its fallout: Ladar Levison in extensive interview   1/18/14
What kind of man refuses to cooperate with the government’s efforts to gain access to Americans’ information?

Lavabit's Ladar Levison on a Page from Atlas Shrugged: A BRC Video Interview     1/15/14
In our wide-ranging interview, Levison drew a parallel between his decision to shut down Lavabit and a dramatic moment in Atlas Shrugged .

Obama's NSA Speech: Levison Warned Us   1/18//14
In the interview, Levison calls the public's attention to Obama’s use of the rhetoric of constitutional law to attempt to defang criticism of government spying. It's a practice we saw the president engage in again today.

NSA Spying and the Slippery Cliff    7/7/13
We aren't facing a slippery slope with the NSA spying: it's a slippery cliff.


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