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December 30, 2013 -- The empowering message of individualism, freedom, reason, and achievement in Ayn Rand’s works has never been needed more than now.

In recent years we have experienced liberty eroding in this country; we’ve watched Obamacare manifesting everything wrong with our political system—a system that is currently controlled by power-hungry, envy-motivated, control freaks; we’ve watched citizens becoming serfs, acquiescing in their own material and spiritual servitude.
This ugly spectacle unfolds before our eyes just as similar scenarios unfolded in the pages of Atlas Shrugged.  I left the world of entrepreneurship to join the fight started by David Kelley in 1990 to reverse the trend towards collectivism by applying my business experience to the mission of promoting Open Objectivism.  
Our donors have been so impressed with our progress that they have committed to match up to $200K in donations if we raise $200K new or increased donations from a broad public campaign to increase general donor support and engagement.
I’m writing to ask for your support to help us achieve an even wider impact.  A gift of $500 would be worth $1000 if received December 31. 
Our online traffic has surged this year, with increases in online metrics ranging from 33% to over 2,200%, as people look to us for insight and guidance.  We at TAS have been engaged in framing the issues for all parties and factions as a struggle between both political and moral individualism and collectivism. 

If you are interested in the future of freedom,… if you want to make it possible for you and your children to flourish in a rational culture,… if you dream of living in a world that is more like the benevolent, productive society of Galt’s Gulch than the world of Obamacare and the nanny-welfare-state, I truly believe that The Atlas Society is your best investment.
Our talented staff has decades of experience in teaching and advocating the ideas you care about. The exceptional trustees on our governing board are successful people who are committed to our ideas and are willing to stand up for them.
The Atlas Society has the leadership, the skills, and the commitment to make your contribution count. Can we count on you?

Yours in Liberty,
Aaron Day
The Atlas Society


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