December 15, 2013 -- Author and speaker Barbara Branden died in Los Angeles on December 11, 2013, at the age of 84. In this video William R Thomas and Edward Hudgins discuss highlights of Barbara Branden's life as well as personal recollections about this fascinating woman.

RIP, Barbara Branden
by The Atlas Society
A short notice of the death of Barbara Branden

Rage and Objectivism by Barbara Branden
"One cannot avoid recognizing that we live in a very angry age. At one time, people spoke to “My worthy opponent” when addressing someone who disagreed with their views. That attitude of respecting differences has long disappeared." Read more >

The Contested Legacy of Ayn Rand (Chapter 5)  by David Kelley
"The Passion of Ayn Rand [by Barbara Branden] appeared at a time when the Objectivist movement was trying to rid itself of moralism and judgementalism, trying to restore a sense of openness, spontaneity, and benevolence."


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