“’Value’ is that which one acts to gain and keep,” wrote Ayn Rand , “’virtue’ is the action by which one gains and keeps it.” This six-session course, filmed in 2010, focuses on the distinctive virtues highlighted by Objectivism : their basis in fact, their contrast with traditional moral ideals, and their role in a rational, value-seeking human life. TAS Director of Programs William R Thomas goes into depth on the meaning and importance of  pride, rationality,  integrity, productiveness, independence, and justice, devoting one 50-minute lecture to each of these six virtues. Discussions of honesty and benevolence are integrated into the course as well. The course presumes some basic familiarity with Objectivism , but should be intelligible to anyone with a sincere interest in ideas. 


Session 2 Outline:

A. Rationality: the prime virtue

B. The Cardinal Value of Reason

  • The role of reason in human life
C. Elements of Rationality

  • Choosing to think
  • Accepting reason as an absolute
  • Open-mindedness
D. Objectivity and the virtue of honesty

E. Conclusion: A clear-eyed way of life.

Session 1:   The Major Virtues: Pride >
Session 3:   The Major Virtues: Integrity >

Session 4:   The Major Virtues: Productiveness >
Session 5:   The Major Virtues: Independence >
Session 6:   The Major Virtues: Justice and Benevolence >


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