February 26, 2013 -- The Atlas Society has created a special fund to honor the memory of Frank W. Bubb, III, who passed away last November, at 65, from Young Onset Alzheimer's Disease. Frank was a lifelong activist for liberty and advocate of Objectivism.  He was actively involved in the life of our organization since its founding in 1990, as a donor, advisor, speaker, writer, and member of our Board of Trustees. His untimely demise was a loss—not only, and primarily, to his family—but to all who knew him, who read his trenchant essays, who enjoyed the sunlight of his support and encouragement and the wisdom of his advice. He was a true pillar of our community. (For more about Frank, see our In Memoriam notice.)

Frank had a special passion for programs dedicated to students, research, and scholarship. The Frank W.  Bubb III Memorial Fund for Scholarship will accordingly be used to support such programs, including:

  • Frank W. Bubb III Scholarships: For students to attend our annual Atlas Summit conference and other events. The Summit, scheduled for June 27-30 this year, is our flagship educational offering. Over 50 students from around the world attended last year's event .
  •  Graduate Seminar: Our annual conference to help advanced students prepare for academic careers in philosophy and related fields. The week-long Seminar provides intensive training in Objectivist theory and its relation to other viewpoints, and in writing and speaking skills.
  • Student outreach: To produce educational material designed for students, for distribution through our partnerships with student organizations such as Students for Liberty. For examples of existing material, see the resource page for students on our Web site.
  • Frank W. Bubb III Fellowships: To support and publish research that breaks new ground in Objectivist theory, adding to the substantial body of research we have sponsored and published.

We invite contributions from all who knew Frank or shared his belief in the power of ideas to change our world. Your contribution to the Fund will be restricted to these programs. If you are currently a contributor to The Atlas Society, we hope you will consider an additional gift to help reach more students, train more scholars, and produce more first-rate scholarly work.

To contribute by check

Please make checks payable to:
The Atlas Society 800 Rockmead, Suite 200 Kingwood, TX 77339 ·
Indicate the Bubb Fund in the memo line.

To contribute online by credit card

Please visit  this page  to make an online contribution. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. The Atlas Society is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) educational organization. U.S. contributions are deductible in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code. We will provide tax receipts for all contributions.


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