(Our friend and supporter Marjorie Peters had an excellent Letter to the Editor published in The Brunswick News . I share it here in its entirety. Great job Marjorie! – Edward Hudgins, director of advocacy, The Atlas Society.) 

Expanding on his theme, “You didn’t build that,” Obama is trying to impose a burden of guilt on conservatives in particular by use of a new phrase, “economic patriotism.” This truly Orwellian double-speak carries with it a package deal of socialist concepts.
First, it implies that what you have earned you somehow took from “society” and that you don’t really own it. It is your moral duty to “give back” at least part of what you have stolen. (Never mind if you do not feel that obligation, the government will take it from you by force.)
Second, when you make this sacrifice, you are being patriotic and demonstrating love of country.
The government knows best how to use your money to achieve our common goals, and will aid in America’s flourishing.
Third, that there is only a finite amount of money and property in the world, that it belongs to the government, and that you should be allowed to keep only what is deemed your “fair share.”
Our Constitution did not grant us rights. Our rights exist in each individual, and the Constitution was written to protect them.
I am not the property of the state, and I do not acknowledge the state’s or society’s claim on my productivity.
The only true charity is that which is freely given. Capitalism is the only system that creates wealth and fosters true benevolence and generosity.
I will freely give, but I will not “giveback.”
Marjorie Peters
St. Simons Island, Georgia


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