August 24, 2011 -- Editor's Note: TAS Executive Director David Kelley contributed an essay, "Ayn Rand and Capitalism: The Moral Revolution", to the newly published book
The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won’t Tell You.  Last week he was filmed for a promotional video featuring comments from the authors of the book's essays. This news brief was written by Clark Ruper for  Students for Liberty.

 Currently 100,000 copies of The Morality of Capitalism, What Your Professors Won’t Tell You are in route to student groups around the world for mass distribution on campus this fall.  The new book, a project of Students For Liberty and the Atlas Network, combines the writings of renowned economists, philosophers, historians, policy experts, and entrepreneurs from around the world to make the case that not only do free markets “deliver the goods”, but that true free market capitalism is a just and moral system.

Today, in preview of the book’s arrival on campus, we are releasing the Introduction to The Morality of Capitalism free to download in PDF format.  Written by the editor Dr. Tom G. Palmer , the Introduction explains why the term “capitalism” was chosen for the title, explores the history of the history of the term, illustrates the difference between free market capitalism and “crony capitalism”, confronts Editor Tom Palmer various challenges to the free market system, and invites the reader to explore the essays, read all the various viewpoints, and make up their minds for themselves.

We will be making the full text of the book available for download soon via PDF and also by Kindle.
These books will be an invaluable tool to the students in their fight for liberty.  As we say at Students For Liberty, if the professors will not teach these ideas in the classroom, then we will teach them in the dorm room.  These books are the intellectual ammunition that students need to win the war of ideas on campus.

The Atlas Society's David Kelley was filmed last week for a promotional video related to the book.


Of course, printing and distributing these 100,000 books free to students is not a “free” endeavor.  We rely on our generous supporters to make it possible.  Click here to make a contribution today .  Every dollar donated will be put towards producing more resources like this and putting them into the hands of students who desperately need them.

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