“I’ve been very into Ayn Rand …”
-Angelina Jolie, in a 2004 interview  

“When somebody breaks out and completely shatters the mold, it’s inspiring.”
-Sandra Bullock on The Fountainhead  
“The writing is so beautiful”
-Christina Ricci
“By far the most incredible books I have read.”
-Mayim Bialik

“It had a profound effect on me.”
 -Hugh Hefner 

“The last book I read was the book I’ve been rereading most of my life— The Fountainhead .”
-Vince Vaughn
“What woman, living or dead, would you love to meet?”
“... Ayn Rand .”
-Rob Lowe, in an interview with Elle magazine
“Self-confidence, rational, ambition, and lovability. Oh, and he has to be an Ayn Rand fan.”
-Eva Mendes describing what she looks for in a man.


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