On Thursday, October 21, there will be a major conference on over-criminalization at George Mason University. Among the commentators will be Tim Lynch, director of the Cato Institute’s Project on Criminal Justice; his sometime amicus collaborator, GMU law professor Ilya Somin; and Harvey Silverglate, author of Three Felonies a Day.
Still better news is that one of the principal speakers will be Larry Ribstein, who is formally known as the holder of the Mildred Van Voorhis Jones Chair in Law and Associate Dean of Research, University of Illinois College of Law--but is informally known as the absolutely best blogger on business law. (He now operates out of the group blog Truth on the Market .)
Best news of all: Professor Ribstein’s topic is “Monitoring Prosecutors.”
One minor disappointment: The conference organizers have chosen as their keynote speaker Larry Thompson, the former U.S. Deputy Attorney General who was responsible for the thuggish “Thompson Memorandum.” That was the document that told prosecutors they might destroy a company if it failed to “cooperate” by, for example, cutting off defense funds for any targeted employee. Which is just what Dynegy did to Jamie Olis. Of course, Thompson has now retired to enjoy the fruits of his anti-corporate jihad by serving as General Counsel to Pepsico, Inc. Had the choice of keynote speaker been mine, I would have selected Judge Lewis Kaplan , who struck down the attempt by Thompson and DOJ to render their victims helpless.
But perhaps when Professor Ribstein speaks on monitoring prosecutors, he might say a word about monitoring their bosses at the DOJ.


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