Editor's Note: John Aglialoro is a trustee of The Atlas Society, which publishes The New Individualist. Spring 2011 -- Brian O’Toole collaborated with producer and Atlas Society trustee John Aglialoro on the screenplay for the new motion picture,  Atlas Shrugged Part 1. The film opens in theaters nationally on April 15. David Kelley and William Thomas interviewed him for The New Individualist.
Editor's Note: David Kelley is the executive director of The Atlas Society (TAS), and film producer John Aglialoro is a trustee of the Society. TAS is the publisher of The New Individualist. This interview first appeared in the Spring 2011 print edition of The New Individualist. TNI: What was your role in preparing the script for the Atlas Shrugged movie?
Editor's Note: The following article was written for the March 2011 Atlas Society newsletter.

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