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Drawing on Taylor Schilling’s portrayal of Dagny Taggart in the movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1 and on Ayn Rand’s novel on which the film is based, William R Thomas discusses Dagny’s background, values, and approach to life. Independent thinking, love of business and technology, and a dedication to personal values are major themes in Dagny’s life. Learn more about this fascinating, heroic character with an inner life the movie could not fully show. Recorded May 4, 2011. 35 minutes lecture, 1 hour 14 minutes total including Q&A
In this recorded webinar, William R Thomas fills in the back story of Hank Rearden, the heroic steel titan of the movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1. Drawing on Ayn Rand's novel, Thomas discusses the deep conflicts that run through Rearden's inner life and his social dealings, conflicts that are not fully brought out in the film alone. Rearden's errors include a willingness to bear others' burdens without limit, a moral relativism, and an acceptance of a radical dichotomy between mind and body. (Recorded May 11, 2011)
 In this interactive webinar, William R Thomas discusses the fundamental ideas represented in the movie Atlas Shrugged Part 1. He discusses the objectivity of Dagny Taggart versus her brother James, the idea that profit-seeking is noble and right that Hank Rearden struggles to defend, the power-seeking of Wesley Mouch, and the principle of non-coercion that underlies all of Dagny's dealings. (Recorded April 27, 2011) 
In this scene early in Atlas Shrugged Part 1, Dagny Taggart confronts her brother James about the need to upgrade a rail line. The scene iillustrates the difference between objectivity and second-hand thinking. Also see:Rearden and his dependents

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