May 31, 2012 -- Atlas Shrugged Part 2 filmed its last scenes early Wednesday morning, May 16, in the historic Bank of America building in Los Angeles, California. The final night of filming included scenes from the wedding of James Taggart (Patrick Fabian) and Cherryl Brooks (Larisa Oleynik), where Francisco D’Anconia (Esai Morales) delivers his “money speech”—both a public condemnation of the crony elite cocktail crowd and a stealthy encouragement to Hank Rearden (Jason Beghe).
May 7, 2012 -- A light breeze blows, a few ducks glide on a pond, a small cabin is nestled in the trees. Dagny Taggart stands knee deep in flowers at the side of the weathered porch. Her blond ponytail bobs smartly as she examines a broken rail, a power drill heavy in one hand. From a short distance, Francisco D’Anconia watches her, preparing for their confrontation. The sun lights her face, shining through a giant white silk stretched across a black square frame.
Atlas Shrugged Part II is now in pre-production. This second installment of the film trilogy by Either-Or Productions (the production company formed by producer and movie-rights-owner John Aglialoro to produce Part 2) is scheduled to be in theaters next fall. Those who attend The Atlas Society’s Summer Seminar will get the first glimpse in early July.
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